• Shihans Bill & Kathy

    Godan, 5th Degree Black Belts with more than 20 years of training and inducted members of the American Jiu Jitsu Hall of Fame

  • Teaching at The Pentagon

    Shihans Billy and Kathy were part of a group of senior-rank instructors invited to the Pentagon to teach U.S. Army Special Security Officers techniques specific to Military & Law Enforcement

  • Watch the Video

    Watch the video of Shihan Billy & Kathy as they get promoted to 6th degree Rokudan Black Belts.


Give your children a fun and disciplined learning environment where they will learn practical self defense & anti-bully techniques. Jiu Jitsu teaches focus, discipline and goal setting; and promotes healthy self esteem and a positive attitude.


Have you ever pictured yourself wearing a black belt? Do you wonder if you could defend yourself if someone attacked you? It is never too late to start learning American Jiu Jitsu to increase your physical activity and develop your mind.


If you're trained in the Military, Law Enforcement or other Security field I'm sure you realize the importance of additional training to sharpen you're skills. AJJ has taught US Army Officers, US Treasury Dept, FBI, NYPD and more.


Wome's Self Defense and Rape Prevention is a specific area of concern and vulnerability. Learn how to protect yourself against a stronger and more dominant attacker.

Watch the Video! Shihan Billy & Kathy 6th Degree Test

Sensei Billy and Kathy 6th degree Black Belt American Jiu Jitsu from...

06th Feb